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injured in the boston marathon bombings. family members say aaron hearn was hit in the thigh by some of that that prap fell -- sh rappel we have -- shrapnel we've been talking about. sal castanedo has more about this. >> reporter: the hearn family is well-known in martinez. the father is a football coach. his children go to the local public schools. 12-year-old aaron hearn of martinez was one of the people hurt yesterday in the boston marathon attacks. his family says his injuries are serious but he's expected to survive. hearn who attends junior high is son of allen hearn. allen hearn is an alumy and p.e. teacher. today, the alhambra principal said before the race, the coach spoke of the excitement about his wife and the marathon. >> they were very excited that katherine qualified and allen and their friend went out to support them. >> reporter: the principal said she was removed to hear the coach and his wife and daughters were okay and is glad to know aaron's injuries are not life-threatening. she said today at lunch, students will write sympathy and get-well notes. >> good studen
the family of the high school football coach. >> reporter: the high school football coach, alan hearn, is in boston with his wife and two young children. the hearn family was standing near the finish line when the bombs exploded and tonight young aaron hearn is in the hospital with shrapnel injuries. >> the shrapnel hit him in the thigh. >> gay knows a martinez family who is in a boston hospital tonight caring for their son. he was injured by shrapnel in the marathon bombing. >> they were at the finish line to congratulate katherine. so they were just right there in the center of it. >> reporter: she spent hours on line and on the phone today tracking down information about the hearn family. katherine hearn was running the marathon while family and friends from martinez cheered her on. this is hearn's facebook picture. but her celebration turned into an emergency when shrapnel from one explosion injured her son aaron hearn. the young boy was rushed to the hospital and into surgery with a leg injury. >> aaron was out of surgery, no major vessels were injured and the news that they woul
at alhambra high school to raise money for marin hearn, the martinez boy they call amazing. >> aaron has been an inspiration to us since he came to our school, and the hearn family, so wonderful, and aaron, i ran three miles for you. >> gentlemen 11-year-old was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line when the second bomb exploded. >> it was really hard. i almost cried. and it was terrible. almost losing your best friend, terrible. >> aaron underwent two surgeries and was released from the hospital last wednesday. remarkably he took his first steps the next day. today everybody is making strides for aaron, his parents, and his ten-year-old sister who witnessed the explosion. >> i know i myself have had tears, the kids have had tears. it's a family that we consider those kids our family. >> aaron turns 12 this wednesday. the hope is he'll be back by then. even once he is home the recovery process will continue. >> his physical things might heal faster but the emotional part will take a long time. >> you can find a link on our web site under "see it on tv". they're accepting donat
the same time runners started the boston marathon they hit the track to raise money for aaron hearn they all cause amazing. >> he has such an inspiration to us and the hearn people and aaron, i ran three miles for you. >> the 11-year-old was waiting for his mom to cross the boston marathon when the second blast hit sending shrapnel into his leg. >> it was really hard. i pretty much almost cried. and losing my best friend, it was horrible. >> he underwent two surgeries and was released. remarkably he took his first steps the next day. everyone is making strides for aaron and ten-year-old sister who witnessed the explosion. >> i know, i myself have tears. kids have tears. its family. >> aaron turns 12 this wednesday the hope is he'll be be back by then. even at home the recovery process will continue. >> physical things, things may heal but emotional part will take a long time. >> if you would like to donate find a link at they are accepting donations through friday, may 10th. >> ama: bay area muslim community condemned the boston marathon attacks. ♪ ♪ >> ama: protes
a second surgery. his name is aaron hearn. he was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line. the 11-year-old was hit in the leg with shrapnel. his father told the "today" show this morning his son was resting, even opening his eyes and trying to speak. he's a well-liked student at martinez junior high where his parents struggled to explain there the senseless act to their own kids. >> we do talk to them and let them know these are isolated incidents. we're not quite sure what's going on yet. once we figure it out, then we'll sit down and tell them exactly what happened. >> it's a tight-knit community. the community in martinez is raising money for the hearn family. last night a local restaurant donated its proceeds and also mountain mike's pizza and kinder's deli are hosting fund-raisers throughout the next few days. the family is expected on east boston. we invited you to stay here on air and online. >> a quarter million dollars being offered tonight. slides through underground cables in south jose. at&t is offering the reward after the damage for internet service. t the sheriff's inves
three people in injured 160 or more. one of those boys was a martine as boy, aaron hearn. >> i just got done talking to the principle and she said she had good news to pass along and at the second surgery was not as intense as they thought. they think he could be back in school sooner than later. there the school project today and what they plan to do is pretty much shut down the entire school the kids can get together and do a video gramm and go on camera. once they get all of those messages they will get up loaded and however big the file may be, she said we will send it even if it takes all day to send it right to his laptop in his hospital room. he got a great visit from probably the world's most famous women, michelle obama. she stopped by the other day to visit aaron and his family to wish them well. aaron and his family were in boston to a rout on and cheer on his mother who is getting very close to the finish line. aaron was moving in that direction when the last one off. he received superficial cuts to his body but the shrapnel went into his leg. that is why they had to rush in
to me with a 11 year-old aaron hearn, the martina's boy injured in the boston marathon bombings sometime this morning at boston's children's hospital. the a's with boston last night and will start a three game series with the red sox today at fenway park. turning his family have already received some high-profile guests, including the first lady who visited him last thursday. meantime, you're back in the bay area kinder still in martinez is showing support for young boston bombing victim aaron hearn was badly wounded by shrapnel. aaron's death, at one turn, is a football coach at alhambra high school in martinez. yesterday, all workers of the delhi supported allegorize school football jerseys to show support of 11 year-old eric turner and his family. tenders is donating 15 percent of itself to the first family. erin hart under and servers at boston's children's hospital last week and is expected to make a full recovery. no word on when he is expected to come home. downtown san francisco starting with 80 and 14 degrees was warmer than average. sarah clark air raid are showing pressure fro
costa county is recovering from the bombing. a family of aaron hearn said he could be released from the hospital soon. >>> there is plenty to discuss. joining us are paul rogers, environmental writer for the san jose news. jaxon van derbeken, reporter for the san francisco chronicle. and emil guillermo, a blogger for the asian-american legal defense. welcome. immigration in congress is getting attention these days on the farms and the sill valley. both rely on immigrant work forces. the tech sectors biggest names launched a campaign called forward u.s. the ceos of facebook and zinga and others. emil, let's start with the key compromise of the bill. >> before we get to that, you mentioned agriculture workers, 400,000 in california that could benefit from this and the high tech workers. doubled to 110,000. it can go up to 180,000. facebook, the high tech folks got what they wanted and all because of blogging. >> these are the visas to allow the highly skilled workers to remain in the u.s. >> they got what they wanted from the lobbying because, you know, it was reported how zuckerberg
as tonight. >> friends and neighbors in martinez are stepping up to help the family of aaron hearn who is still recovering in a boston hospital after the marathon bombing. businesses around town, including several restaurants, are donating a percentage of their sales to help the family pay for medical and travel costs. a family friend is using her photography business to organize a portrait fund dayser, all of the money from today's photo sessions are going to help aaron and his family. >>> know that people are helping them and they are so grateful for all the help the community is providing. and i know we can't all -- we can't wait to see them and give them hugs and tell them how much we love them. >> fundraisers are being held this weekend. we have a full list on the web site, go to and click on "see it on tv". >> extra vigilance is planned for a central park run tomorrow in new york system people are bringing asked not to bring bags with them and will have to pass threw security screenings, and garbage cans along the route will be removed. the runners will honor the bos
process is just beginning. he's in a wheelchair. aaron hearn and his family decided to head out to the streets of boston yesterday where he was so badly injured. shawn thornton of the boston bruins gave him an autographed hat and a boston police officer took this pine off his uniform and gave it to the little boy -- pin off his uniform and gave it to the little boy. >> i cannot say much about how -- how amazing the staff at children's hospital was. >> aaron has had two surgeries for shrapnel wounds to his legs. he's still undergoing treatments in boston but should be clear to return back to the bay area next week. >>> we now have more information about a suspicious object discovered early this morning in the east bay. a spokesperson for the alameda bomb squad tells ktvu it was a grenade that was found. it was found at 40th avenue and international boulevard with no parts. a person walking down the street first spotted it. police were alerted a they shut down the intersection. the police determined there was no danger and then reopened the roads. >>> hayward police are searching
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there in the center of it. >> katherine hearn posting an update late last night saying aaron is now in the icu and he remains in stable condition. a shrapnel injury to the boy's thy will require additional surgery and the extent of the damage is not clear. >>> one bay area woman kept running into the danger zone. joann roland was just a few hundred yards from the finish line when the first explosion went off. the concord woman said she didn't realize it was a bomb until the second went off 20 seconds later. she raced to the finish line and her awaiting husband. >> i had 20 seconds. i ran to the finish line. as i was run together finish line, i saw them carrying a woman in a wheelchair that looked like she had lost a leg. >> roland and her husband are preparing to return home to the bay area tonight. she says she is too traumatized to run another marathon any time soon. our own terry mcsweeney touched down at boston logan airport early this morning. he will have live updates all morning long starting at 6:00. we will, of course, continue to follow new developments surrounding the explosion. >>> the "t
and finish taking care of the shrapnel injury. >> she says hearn, his sister and parents traveled to boston for what was supposed to be a fun family trip, centered around rooting on aaron's mom accomplishing a lifetime goal. he was just six feet away from one of the blasts and was taken away by ambulance before his parents could process what had happened. >> after all that 26 miles, katherine ran, they had to walk from hospital to hospital to try to find aaron because they didn't know where he was. >> reporter: now his parents are by his side as he awaits a second surgery, while his schoolmates, teachers and friends in martinez wait and pray. >> i'd like aaron to know that we miss him and i hope that he is doing well and we're thinking of him every minute. >> reporter: aaron was so close to the blast his hair was actually singed by it. again, he remains in intensive care tonight. his grandmother plans to fly out to boston on thursday to be by his side. reporting live in martinez, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, jodi. many of us were asked by our kids the kind of
hearns and the day during the bomb site yesterday. he was injured by the second blast while waiting for his mother near the finish line. his parents at love and support they have received has been overwhelming. >> so much gratitude. the people of boston, i cannot say enough about how... how amazing this staff at children's hospital was. >> the hon family has long love boston. instead of instilling fear in that day, that has only increased their finest of the city. -- find nestfinis >> some members of a north a little league best baseball team that made it to the world series last year are now in trouble for allegedly gang up on a teammate. the press democrat the santa rosa reports for members of the petaluma national little league team were suspended for two days from petaluma junior high. this is video the scene being honored by the giants last year. they're accused of having a scuffle with a teammate and a school stairwell. the incident happened sometime this month. the school's principal stopping short of calling his bullying, which he considers as intimidating behavior or prolon
money for the family of 11-year-old aaron hearn. his legs badly damaged when one of two bombs went off at the boston marathon. the fund-raiser, an event to remember those injured and lives lost on that day. >> to see had there was more than aaron injured. so many people and knowing the next day, he was part of it. it hit home. >> reporter: caring for aaron volunteer brandy copeland doesn't know aaron or his family. that's true of the many of hundreds of people here, but not all. >> he's wonderful. he is our cousin, we were walking for him. >> reporter: the nation knows aaron from photos taken with first lady michelle obamaed a at his bedside. aaron apparently remains in boston. his story uniting people in his hometown. >> it's great to show we are coming to the as one. >> overflowed with joy. >> reporter: aaron's birthday is wednesday. his family reportedly hopes to have him home by then. martinez, ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." . >>> an estimated 400 runners took part in the boston marathon also ran this morning in a big sur. >> there were pins given oath saying 4/15/13. about
-old boy aaron hearne. a martinez restaurant hosts a special dinner tonight to raise money to help the family with their medical bills. >>> president obama plans to travel to boston on thursday to attend an interfaith service for the victims. >>> meantime forensic experts are working around the clock to gather evidence. it's pain staking work. they're looking at every last shred of the two devices across the crime scene that spans blocks. this is our first look at what one of the bombs might have looked like before it went off. viewer photos sent to whdh in boston show a bag next to a mailbox in front of the crowd. after the explosion, it's gone. a sharon chen tells us now these bombs, they're not very difficult to build, right. >> no, they aren't, liz. at least one of the bombs was inside an appliance you may have in your kitchen but hidden in a backpack. investigators also found a circuit board they believe was used as a detonator. >> these photos give the first look at the deadly device, a mangled pressure cooker that the fbi says was laced with nails, bbs and ball bearings caus
-old aaron hearn was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line. >> dad was up on the bleachers and looking down. the crowd got chaotic and -- he found him lying down. >> reporter: hearn is among the 150 people injured in the attack, according the the latest numbers, at least 17 in critical condition. eight of them children. the youngest, a 2-year-old boy treated for a head injury. the oldest victim, reportedly in their 70s. some of the injured are college students. one from boston university, two from tufts and seven from emerson college. >> i'm joined by liz norton, a mother of five with a horrifying story to tell about two of her sons, who were at the blast site yesterday, just before 3:00 p.m. liz, thank you for joining me. also joined by your daughter, colleen. i want to share this picture of them. this is paul, j.p., and your youngest, jonathan. we're here the talk about paul and j.p. andlet start when you got call just after 3:00 p.m. from your son saying he had been hurt bad. >> hi son called me at 3:00. he said he was hurt really bad. he couldn't find his brother or his girlfriend.
in the boston marathon bombings. family members say aaron hearn was hit by shrapnel in the thigh as he was running to meet his mother at the finish line. he was taken to the hospital. last reported to be in icu. he's scheduled to have a second surgery tomorrow. hearn's younger sister father were also at the boston marathon. they were not hurt. >> as we talk about that tense situation in boston, security being tightened across the country after the bombings. brian flores now joins us to explain the steps that are being taken here in the bay area. >> reporter: it's not an easy task to step up security. we are live here in the embarcadero. not only because this is a huge tourist hub but also because there are a couple of planned events that local officials say security plans may need to be re-evaluated. one of those events, the beta breakers race. there's also the america's cup race, not to mention, nba and mlb games. yesterday as well in oakland, there was extra security at the warriors and as' game as a precaution. but for the most part agencies and police will be stepping up security a
their time and donated their tips. the fund-raiser was to help the family of aaron hearn. he was waiting for his mother to finish the boston marathon when the bombs went off causing a serious injury to his leg. however, he is expected to make a full recovery. >>> stay with us here at ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage throughout the morning of the boston marathon bombings. >>> we're gonna take you out to the bombings. >>> a fire broke out at a home in san mateo where a man, his wife and their seven children were living. now, it started near the family car. it was parked right in front of the garage in the area of bermuda and annapolis drive. a man was getting up to go to work around 3:40 when he heard noises outside. >> it's furnt these folks were able to wake up and the husband was able to get everyone out of the house. >> the fire started near his car and then spread to their garage. investigators say it's still too early to know the exact cause of that fire. >>> well, businesses that use google's mail and application services ran into a roadblock this morning but it locks like the
-- with aaron hearn, the victim in the shooting. first lady michelle obama visited aaron hearn last week. >>> we now know the fbi interviewed the older suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, two years ago after being tipped off he was a follower of radicalism. coming up at 7:15, why some lawmakers want to know if the fbi dropped the ball. >>> time is running out in san jose for people living in a large homeless camp. they will be forced to leave in a couple of hours. ktvu's janine de la vega is live near the camp where those cleanup crews are getting ready to sweep through the area. >> reporter: we've been here since 4:30. now that it's lighter, we can get a better idea what this looks like. the homeless have been access through the chain-link fence. there's a lot of trash, manmade structures and tarps. we've seen people packing up and getting ready to move. city officials estimate a lot of single adults, couples and their pets have set up camp. crews were here lost october and removed 50 tons of trash. some people are driving their cars down access roads and leaving them there to reach their -- dash camp
injured in of the boston marathon bombings is findly out of the house, aaron hearn. pam cook has more. >> aaron hearn is out of the hospital. but the healing process, just beginning. he's still in a wheelchair. he and his family decided to head out to the streets of boston wherer was injured. shawn thornton of the boston bruins gave him an autographed hat and a boston police officer gave him a pin off his uniform and gave him. >> i cannot say enough about how -- how amazing the staff at children's hospital was. >> reporter: now, aaron has had two surgeries so far for shrapnel wounds. he's still undergoing treatments in boston. he's hoping to be cleared to come back here to the bay area. now, aaron is hoping to be back home in time for his 12th birthday but that's right around the corner, in fact, next week, may 1st. no word yet if he's gonna be  able to do that. but it will certainly be a wonderful reception back here at home. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news.  >> certainly will be. thank you. i think i saw some video they shot of classmates all holding
at the marathon is doing much better tonight. the father of 11-year-old aaron hurn says hearn had the first solid food since monday bom bombings today. the martinez junior high sixth grader was one of more than 170 people injured in the explosion. recovering at children hospital boston. first lady visited them today and today martinez preschoolers jumped on the bicycle toll raise funds for an. bike thon was initially a fun raiser for the school but close connection to the victims they felt raising money for aaron was the right thing to d do. >> after hearing about aaron couple teachers went to school with allen and kid go to ask with aaron so all very connected to this. after everything that happened we uses thought how can we collect monfor out democrats and republicans table when the hurn family is going through what they are. >> several martinez area restaurants and businesses are hosting fundraisers this weekend for aaron and his family. we have the details for you on our web site under see it on tv. >> digital footprint. coming up. boston bombing suspect and messages they left on line
-- general jack keen ways in. >> pat lea herby announcing he will hold a single hear,ne hearing on the gang of eight reform legislation next wednesday. we don't know what is it or when it will be released. earlier they were walking outside the capital to pressure congress to move aster on immigration reform. two senators reached bipartisan agreent on background checks one day before the senate prepares to debate gun control legislation. senators toomey and manin announcing an agreement to expand background checks to cover herrialsales including those at gunshows an online. private on-on-one sales wold be exempt. miff next guest threatped to filibuster. >> joining us is ted cruz. list of assignments so long we won't take up your time with all of them. i'm amazed that you have time for all of the assignments. great to have you with us. >> in no order of developn't on the day, $3.7 rillion budget from the president long awaited and overdue. your thoughts? >> this continues a pattern that was reflected in the budget that the democrats ssed two weeks ago. pat nof advocating more tax increases on
. >>> volunteers will be hosting two fund-raisers this weekend for 11-year-old aaron hearn who was wounded in the bombings. today a pizza store will donate a portion to the family. you'll find details on the events at under see it on tv. >>> a piece of an airplane believed to be in the 9/11 attacks in new york city has been found three blocks from ground zero. they found part of the landing gear jammed between two buildings on wednesday. authorities are not ruling out the chance it was place there had by someone. one of the buildings holds a controversial islamic prayer center. the discovery is being treated as a crime scene for now. >>> this morning, a red rdwood city man is still on the run after escaping from a san francisco's sheriff's car. he was arrested thursday night accused of assaulting his girlfriend. while deputies were investigating, he got out of the car and ran away. because he told family members he would not go back to jail, authorities consider him dangerous. he may be driving a silver 1991 acura with the license plate you see on the screen. >>> two people re
, and after the second security sweep. swee craig boswell fox news. >>> today we're hearning morern aboutin thehearn --learning more about theth 8-year-old boy who was killed. kill he was a vie vaish yous boy who o loved to walk and run. ru they were at the marathon to to watch friends running in the leg. his sister lost a leg in the e blast and his mother is hurt, hurt and his father was not hurt. hurt >>> victims who ran the boston bo marathon are back home tonight.toght. john harn hahn henrehan, and joins us from us f the newsroom. >> reporter: we staked out out several of the flights and we did find returning marathoners ma who told us their stories. storie the most compelling story came from the wall family. fa this year, his wife cindy and his daughter katie were in the race. john wall was sitting across theacross th street from the first bomb blast during the evacuation. he had the presence of mind to to turn on the video record ore hisrd ore hi cell >> and when that second one wentne went off, i thought god, we are we are going to die here. here. you know, this is a b
school in martinez. aaron hearn is a sixth-grader. we spoke with i afamily friend that spent hours online and on the phone to see how they were doing. by all accounts, he was excited so see his mom compete. >> they were at the finish lane to congratulate katherine. they were right there in the scepter. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital and into surgery and excepted recover fine. katherine hern sent an update. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >>> also new into the newsroom, another angsle. >> scott mcgrew, this comes from a camera worn by one of the racers. >> reporter: it is a woman named jen tracy, says she was running in her first marathon. wanted to capture what a marathon looked like. take a look. there you see it captured right on the chest of the runner through a go-procamera. the explosion on the left-hand side, very frightening. no doubt police and fbi will be looking at that and other videos as they surface. >> the explosion caught objen several cameras as well. >>> turning to business, the explosions came just before the close on wall street contr
. here in the bay area, there will be a special fundraiser for the martinez boy injuried. aaron hearn is out of the hospital and under going treatment in boston. he is expected to be cleared to return home sometime this week. registration for the fundraising walk and run opens at 9:45 this morning. the actual event starts at 10:40. the same time the boston marathon started. it will be held had alhambra high school where martinez's father is a teacher and coach. >>> they are also running in big sur. a moment of silence to honor the victims was held at the start of the race. one person is running with a banner in memory of boston. the big sur is the first major marathon since the bombing. they should expect closures from caramel to big sur and there was a madrid marathon. 100 police and security officers patrolled the race with bomb-sniffing dogs. there were people praising the bombers and they were arrested. they do not believe they were planning an attack. >>> a piece of plane wreckage discovered in new york was the same as the plane that hit the twin tours. it was discovered wednesda
, this not only affects her hearn family but would have worldwide repercussions. >> so it would be simple for the saudis if the iranians get a nuclear weapon for the saudis to get nuclear. then you'll have a nuclear arms race. iran washington a nuclear on the- [unintelligible] other hand, attacking alone is extremely dangerous as well. it is unclear and most people are skeptical about how much damage it could do to the nuclear capabilities. they could attack the facilities and set them back but some estimate it would only set them back about a year or two. >> this is an issue and threat that the israelis have been thinking about for a long time. hey have spent a great deal of option to figure out how to disarm iran. >> israel would like to disarm iranians before they are too much of a threat, specifically the u.s. however, they are looking at sanctions to cripple the economy without putting as many lives at stake. >> i think the most important thing that israelis are doing is sounding the alarm to the world about this. in a way that has led the united states and european allies, russia an
class helping raise money for the couple. there is a bay event for the aaron hearn and his family. donations are going to his recovery fund. those who can't participate can still donate on the website. >>> a lot of new questions right now about the new east stand of the bay bridge. >> a big story this week. the problem appears to be a question about bolts. how do they break and what's going to be done to fix them. >>> an environmental wrecking ball. they're using -- [indiscernible] >> federal plans to shut down an iconic oyster plant. >>> plenty of sun out there in the bay area today and temperatures warming up. we'll have the forecast. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. it's 7:40. okay, in the north bay we've got an unusual fight that is pitting environmentalists against one another. >> stuck in the middle, an oyster farm. we have more on the federal fight to shut it down and the bill that may save drake's bay oyster farm at a price. >> reporter: at the wild and scenic point national seashore, oyster lovers have flocked to the oyster farm for nearly half a century but n
hearn describes that day. >> everyone turned to look back down the finish line and a few seconds later the second bomb went off maybe 15 feet from where i was. aaron and our friend's son were much closer than that. >> reporter: friends describe aaron as friendly and fun. they're saying they really are thinking of him every minute. his dad says that he is resting. he opened his eyes and even tried to talk. of course, he knows that he is there with his parents and that is comforting to him, according to his dad. meantime, a neighbor is starting a photo shoot fund r-raiser tha is planned for saturday here in martinez also to try to help the family. reporting live in martinez, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christie. >>> at 5:03, local running groups are pulling together in support of the victims. oakland running festival have planned a three-mile run tomorrow night, one mile for each victim. it starts on college avenue at 7:30 and end at snow park. once there, runners will hold a moment of silence to honor the victims of the explosions. >> last night, people on the peninsu
as and the principal and had no idea that the hearns went to boston to be at the marathon. like the rest of the people, they found out when calls were made to them. we had a chance to talk to the principle this morning and this is what she had to say about aaron's condition. >> the last update that i had was that he came through his surgery. he initially was hurt when he ran down towards the finish line waiting for his mom to cross. he was hit by some shrapnel which embedded in his five. they had surgery and they removed it from all accounts that i've gotten everything went well. there's a second surgery due on wednesday. we will get another update after that happens. everyone is doing as well as can be expected. we're simply waiting news after the surgery. >> the principal as the one that got a phone call from the father. he is also a coach and there. he alerted the principal who was passing on the message. just beyond those trees and the flags are half staff in honor of the victims of boston. we will hear from the schools superintendent at 830. she is close friends with the hearns and we will hear w
're you now hearning that -- we're now hearing that governor brown on his trip to china is urging the country's leaders to do something about air pollution. in a speech at a university in beijing, governor brown urged china to step up efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. record air pollution raised concerns about the country's poor air quality. governor brown is on a trip to china, focused on encouraging investment. >>> three major venture capital companies are looking for entrepreneurs who want to create applications and other accessories for google glass. the partnership including google's own venture capital company will provide up to $2 million to invest in software ideas and other gear for google glass. google glass is not expected to be released to the market until sometime next year. >>> ten minutes before 8:00. well there's some really -- really pricey patrol cars out there. the expensive wheems that could be -- wheems that could be -- wheels that could be cruising down the street. >>> police say a 30-year-old was taking up two seats on a packed b.a.r.t. train from
to report right now. we'll talk to a doctor what we can hearn from their injuries as well as what their road to recovery looks like. >> we're seeing injuries that are typical blast-type injuries, the kind of injuries that come from a explosive or concussive force like this. so patients have everything from minor sort of ear drum type blasts all the way through to really serious him injuries and some serious head injuries as well. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. in. jon: well for the doctors, the cops and other emergency personnel on the scene the aftermath of the boston bombings, well it looked like a war zone. there were mass casualties. victims with limbs blown off, shrapnel wound, serious fractures. now some of those wounded are facing an uphill road to recovery although as you m
. they will be adding up all of the donations at a benefit in martinez to help aaron hearn. he was one of the 250 people hurt in the talk. now, ken pritchett talked about his family about how the tragedy has brought that community together. you can get more information at we'll be following all of the information. you can find out what's happening in the boston marathon investigation. you will find the tab right there on our home page. >>> 7:46. the new suspect in the ricin letters case has a court appearance today. the fbi arrested 41-year-old james dusky on saturday at his home in mississippi. he's accused of sending letters with poisonous ricin to president obama, a mississippi senator, and a judge. originally the fbi arrested another mississippi man but he was later cleared and claimed he was framed by duskky. >>> crews are finishing the touches on the one world trade center center. this is the building where workers will install the final two sections of a 408-foot spire making it the tallest building in the western hem miss spear. a stain -- hemisphere. that building will be 1,776 feet t
but it's not clear how much of the hearing will be opened to the public. >>> we're you now hearning that -- we're now hearing that governor brown on his trip to china is urging the country's leaders to do something about air pollution. in a speech at a university in beijing, governor brown urged china to step up efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. record air pollution raised concerns about the country's poor air quality. governor brown is on a trip to china, focused on encouraging investment. >>> three major venture capital companies are looking for entrepreneurs who want to create applications and other accessories for google glass. the partnership including google's own venture capital company will provide up to $2 million to invest in software ideas and other gear for google glass. google glass is not expected to be released to the market until sometime next year. >>> ten minutes before 8:00. well there's some really -- really pricey patrol cars out there. the expensive wheems that could be -- wheems that could be -- wheels that could
. >> reporter: 11-year-old aaron hearn is one of ten children injured in the blasts. he came from northern california to cheer on his mother, katherine as she completed her first boston marathon as he waited to take photos of her crossing the finish line. his principal sent the well wishes of an entire school. >> i'd like aaron to know that we miss him and i hope that he is doing well and we're thinking of him every minute. >> reporter: lives forever changed in an instant. ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home ♪ >> reporter: meanwhile, aaron kearn is currently in the icu. he is expected to be out of the hospital in time for his 12th birthday, which is in just a few weeks and i know the nation is praying for him and all of the other victims as well. >> they are indeed, natalie, thank you. aaron's dad, alan is with us along with dr. david mooney. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> mr. hearn, i'll start with you. let us know how aaron is doing. >> he was resting comfortably last night. he's been through a lot. he actually a couple times yesterda
or group, a domestic individual or group. 11-year-old aaron hearn was one of the people wounded in the attack yesterday. he is currently in the hospital being treated for his injuries. his father, alan, joins us now by phone. thank you for being with us. i'm so sorry for your son, his injury. how is he doing? >> he's doing okay right now. he's in icu at children's hospital. he sustained a pretty large shrapnel wound to his left leg. kind of like a war wound, but he was hit kind of on the outside part of his leg, so fortunately it didn't hit an artery, didn't break a bone, and didn't damage a vein that returns blood to the heart. right now they're going to let him sleep today. tomorrow they're going to look at the wound between, clean it, see if there is any fragments they missed, see how much skin they can salvage. if not, he may have to have a skin graft somewhere down the road. but otherwise, he's stable, and could have been a lot worse. has a lot of abrasions and scrapes on his body, but majority of the blast hit him on his left side of his body. and i guess hit other parts o
in the marathon bombing is scheduled to undergo another surgery today. 11 year-old aaron hearn of martine as was near the finish line cheering on his mother was running in the race when he was caught in one of the blast. he is in stable condition in the intensive care unit. here in the bay area, his grandmother says she was shocked to learn what happened to him. >> he liked to go places and he was not comfortable that he he was going to be safe. we were just trying to make the best of it. we have to trust and our government and hope the president obama will take care of this for us. he plays football, baseball, basketball. he really likes boards. >> aaron is in stable condition in intensive care unit. the family was in boston for another week for follow-up surgery. students and teachers at there is no school are looking into how they can help the family. the city of martina's as a close-knit community in one word went out that one of their own became victims of the boston marathon attack base run into action. the owners of the roxx restaurant on main street of a fund raiser dinner that wa
children's hospital. aaron hearns mother says the surgery to close a deep wound on his leg was successful and he is doing much better. >> that is good news. >>> time is 7:51. we're going to continue our team coverage of the boston marathon bombing case. now we're finding out about a car that could be tied to the case as well as a news conference on the way. >> and you remember the refinery fire in richmond in august. it made 15,000 people sick and the public meeting that is scheduled for tonight on the latest findings into that fire and explosion. >>> welcome back to mornings on 2. we continue with our breaking news in the boston marathon bombing case case. live pictures in watertown massachusetts, the center of this intense man hunt. police have sealed off portions of the boston metro area as well as this town about 10 miles west of boston, watertown. police also are checking a car that could be tied to this case we understand. this is all after a violent night of chasing the boston marathon terror suspects. one of the suspects and a police officer is dead. this man hunt effectively shut
this morning at the boston hospital. there'll be started three games series. hearn and his family have already received some high- profile guests including the first lady who visited last thursday. meantime back in the bay area can pullers daily are showing support. yesterday he could see the workers of the daily supporting high school football jerseys to show support for a aaron and his family. they're donating 50 percent of their cells to the first family. they're expecting to meet for recovery. no word go when he is expected to return to the bay area. still kron4 and will bring you the latest information on what is happening in boston as the victims are buried and we are seen other people trying to recover from the bombing last monday. if you need any information visit our 247 news channel comcast 193 and facebook page. she said to appear in court for a plea hearing. 23 year- old carlos hernandez was arrested on march 25th when a child gabrielle but kantor wrote was taken in a car. kerman bristol for unattended in their driveway home and that's when the car was stolen. the baby was inside b
, they got three in tampa ban on >> there they are with aaron hearn, you notice, word of the beard go? i did not recognize them without the beard. apparently it was a beard off and he lost so he had to shave it. >> you know how ballplayers are. forget the plane, you look like hell. it is a terrible looking beard. he is a good player though. i'm sure that had a lot up with him getting rid of it. plus, clean up and go see that little kid. >> i know i have set the vcr, i still like to talk like that, for 734 the warriors. it is going to fall on of barnes. >> it is not a vcr, what is it? >> the are but i am behind the times. did you see the clippers? >> what of finish. >> did you see that last segment? >> edsel what they say about the nba, you only need to watch the last five minutes. it's added to the floor and to their right to the hoop and boom there was the game. he does this more times than not, he is a great player. the clippers' lead memphis to to nothing. >> he scored the last eight points for the clippers, it is not like it was just that one. >> you actually had it going? >> i was kiddi
yesterday. and hearns and the day revisiting the bomb site. >> it was a very emotional and moving time. again, i think for some people it was at a closure. i think right now, one of the biggest issues for airing in is how am i going to get all of these cards and presents that people have sent me home on the airplane? >> aaron was able to take a few steps as you can see at the bombing site yesterday. he still needs to stay in boston for a while for some rehabilitation. he will beat an outpatient and his family is expected to return to the bay area and a couple of weeks. >> two sisters that run a livermore day care stand accused of extreme child abuse made from that made their first appearance in court. police say they tie up some of the babies in their care is so tightly that it restricted their breeding. all are facing seven counts of child neglect stemming from what police say is a disturbing crime at the end and day care and preschool. investigators say the two women were swaddling babies by tying up their legs and arms so they could not move plus putting blankets over their bases bl
. to hearns my heart people on my tv say they hate our president. i am a black female with five children and a husband it takes very good care of us, a lovely family. we weren't even political for the longest time. watching this landscape is and how people are today. i have never seen anything like it in my life. and to not understand why more people do not talk about what is going on. our kids are growing up watching this rhetoric from both sides come back and forth. there's so much racial prejudice that going on right now. it is all out on the forefront right now. i think we should be involved in our children more. people need to know, ever run these understand the this is not as one president. we are making everything big. him, it isust everybody. especially congress. if congress is so divided the the hit man so much -- so divided and they hate this man are other host: issues you do not like that he is involved with? caller: there are some things i can say i do not agree with him on. i think he is doing a good job. he has had a face so many -- host: this is from the tracking poll. vot
for aaron hearn, the 11 year-old martina as white injured in the boston marathon. they held a fund- raiser at alhambra high school. money raised lows of the family to help with aaron's recovery. family and friends say aaron will be back in martina's area and about a week in his 12th birthday is on wednesday. we will take a break with live pictures of the cemetery of bridge. that is a hot spot georgia is following, he will have an update for you in just a minute. omomg,g, stop. jack, your new chipotle chicken club is craze amaze. annnd chipotle is totes trending. spspicicy crispy chicken, hicky smoked bacon,on memeltlting cheese, and smokyycs anand d a drink for $4.99? tht combo is chipot-cray. anand d chipotle is my hashtag faveflave. lelet t me guess-you're the nw social media intern.nt yeyeahah! grgreaeat. i'm late for a mee. can you make some copies? .....w.with the tanning bede [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count
undergoing operations and clinging to life right now. 11-year-old aaron hearn is among the youngest injured waiting for his mother to cross the finish line when flying shrapnel dug into his thigh and hip. >> up on the bleachers looking down and the crowd got chaotic and he found him laying down. >> reporter: he is among the approximately 150 people injured in the attack according to the latest numbers. at least 17 are in critical condition. 8 of them children. the youngest a 2-year-old boy who was treated for a head injury. the oldest victim reportedly in their 70s. we also know some of the injured are college students, one from boston university, at least two from tufts and seven from emerson college. also this morning, the story of a mother of five whose two oldest sons, 33-year-old and 31-year-old who both lost a leg from the knee down. they were apparently standing next to the 8-year-old boy who lost his life. josh. >> thank you, linsey. and now with more on what was faced by both the victims and first responders in those first surreal moments after the explosions ripped through the fin
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